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SIETZ is dedicated to producing a quality product, that meets with the rigid requirements of its customers around the world, and carries a professional culture that ensures the manufacture of a world class product.

SIETZ is an ISO/TS 16949:2009 certified company formed in 1997.

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tractor parts & accessories
  • High pressure PU molding machine from Hennecke,Germany.
  • Seat Covers stitching machines.
  • Mechanical & Hydraulic Presses 5 to 350 Tons.
  • Robotic welding machines.
  • Liquid & Powder Coating plant with pre treatment process.
  • CNC Turning Centers.
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Automobile Seats Manufacturers
  • Air Cleaner dust efficiency testing equipment.
  • Air Cleaner Leakage Testing Equipments.
  • Tractor Seat Fatigue Testing Equipment.
  • Seat SIP & SRP Checking Apparatus.
  • Numerical Controlled Foam Hardness Testing Equipment .
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Tractor Seat Suppliers

A farmer’s life is spent on the fields. He used a number of agricultural equipment and machines to carry out his work. The most important is Tractor. He feels tired after a long seating spells in the field. His body suffers from back ache. He spends three-forth of his time in the fields in his tractor. His tractor should have one of our high quality Tractor Seats. A new tractor seat increases the working efficiency and will be one the best investment for a farmer’s health. We offer a range of Tractor seats. Check out for our product range which includes Tractor Sliding Seats, Tractor Sliding Driver Seats, ECEL Tractor Driver Seat, etc.

A farmer's view

If you have spent any time using an agricultural or industrial track, You know the importance of a good quality tractor seat. Tractor seats have evolved tremendously over the last few decades even the early steel seats with holes in them were relatively comfortable since they were situated on either coil springs or leaf spring to absorb some of the shock. Now days though tractor seats are very high tech.
We all know the importance of a good quality tractor seat a farmer needs in his tractor. Tractor Seats that give you rigid feel are manufactured by simply using some foam and vinyl over it are called Basic Tractor Seats. Is this your tractor seats air ride? Choosing a tractor seat depends on your physical limitations, amount of time you are going to spend on that seat and last but not the least is the money you are interested to spend on.

Your overall productivity, comfort and performance depends on the agricultural equipments you use and can be enhanced while you use your industrial or agricultural tractor. Modern tractors are equipped with comfortable seats but they too have a life. After that? Replacement. Either you replace it with the original or you try to find a suitable seat manufactured by
renowned company like Sietz Technologies India.

When replacing your seat with a new one, you should consider the different options available like having a raising arm set,
or sliding seat etc.
All the options available are manufactured here, and we deliver our products to the renowned tractor manufacturers in India and abroad. Visit our products' range for any of the tractor seats you wish to have for your tractor.

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